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Karwei makes advertising brochures yield better returns

For several years Karwei has been working on the best version of their digital advertising brochure. Karwei's positioning combines sharp promotions with atmosphere and inspiration.

To be more relevant to their customers, Karwei already added dynamic pages with individual products. This allowed Karwei to quickly respond to weather conditions or market developments. After the Dynamic Grid module of WePublish could also show atmosphere, group discounts and other content, it was time for Karwei to take the next step.

By using the dynamic grid, the entire digital brochure process has become more efficient, we are closer to the ball and can be much more current with the products we show. In addition, we see positive results right away.

Advertising flyers automatically online

Karwei Dynamic leaflet

A Karwei advertising brochure that is completely dynamically filled. That means besides individual products also all group offers, atmosphere and inspiration.

To automatically place all group discounts in Karwei's advertising flyer, Karwei has made sure that these group discounts are formatted in fixed formats. These fixed formats are also used on the website, in newsletters and in banners. An efficiency stroke that means each promotion does not have to be reformatted for each channel. The Dynamic Grid advertising brochure template is laid out so that all formats fit well within the appropriate digital advertising brochure format. This ensures a varied page offering for the consumer.

In addition to the group offers, fixed blocks have been created for inspiration content. These blocks are reused and can be applied anywhere in the digital advertising brochure within the fixed formats.

Single products continue to be added alongside group offers. In addition, they have been enriched by adding current reviews. These reviews are automatically loaded from the feed and increase the click ratio of the advertising flyer.

A flexible base

Karwei Dynamic Grid advertising brochure with reviews

To keep the work process fast and efficient, Karwei still has control over the order of pages and the products shown on the various pages. From the so-called content plan, specific products are prioritized and backup products are ready should other products run out of stock. In that case, the backup products are automatically shown. This is how Karwei prevents no-sales with a Dynamic Grid advertising flyer.

Spread and improve

Karwei Dynamic Grid advertising brochure

This efficient process allows Karwei to distribute digital advertising brochures every week quickly, but above all completely in house style. The advertising brochures are displayed and refreshed on all major platforms without manual intervention.

Because these Dynamic Grid advertising flyers perform higher on key advertising flyer KPIs, Karwei increases returns all the more. A more efficient process saves costs while improving performance.

Learn more about how cost-effective a Dynamic Grid folder can be for you, please get in touch.

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