Publitas brands shown in tiles - Publitas, Spott,,, and WePublish.

Introduction of all Publitas brands

Over the years, Publitas has built a noteworthy portfolio of brands. We cherish and preserve the identity and purpose of each brand and leverage our global distribution channels, creative resources and operational expertise for all Publitas brands.

Take a look at our portfolio and discover the value our brands add to your retail marketing strategy.

Discovery commerce flywheel - Inner circle: Leverage algorithmic insights, reach new audiences, engage and surprise. Outer circle: Personalization, curated content, social integration, visual discovery.

Discover the power of Discovery Commerce

Reach new audiences, provide seamless shopping and user experiences, and develop lasting relationships with customers through Publitas' discovery commerce platform.

From converting a PDF into a beautiful digital catalog to making it fully dynamic and shoppable, our platform allows you to take your customers on an impressive journey of discovery.

A hand holding a smartphone with a digital catalog visible on the screen.

Digitize your advertising flyer

Its "smart" technology for digitizing, distributing and enhancing advertising brochures, combined with strong retail advisory services, makes WePublish the market leader in the Netherlands.

A picture of a girl wearing headphones, with a small pop-up window to buy those headphones.

Make your videos and images interactive and shoppable

Add interactive layers to your images and videos. Drive engagement with forms, hotspots, audio and more directly in your videos. Leverage your existing content to increase customer engagement and increase conversions.

The homepage of The covers of currently available leaflets can be seen.

Enable customers to find promotions quickly with

The leaflet platform focused on convenience and user experience. is estimated to attract more than 100,000 visitors every month. Take advantage of this valuable platform to publish your leaflets, increase your reach and ensure that potential and existing customers never miss an interesting offer. front page showing several promotional flyers. Logo

The largest promotional platform in Belgium

By showcasing the flyers and promotions of Belgian retailers and brands, our platform empowers consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions and retailers to transform their publications into lucrative sales channels.


Experience a surge in online visibility with PromoButler, which attracts over 2 million monthly visitors. Our unique approach seamlessly blends visibility with high conversion rates, driving over 40% referrals for our customers.