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Publitas joins hands with WePublish / Folders.co.uk

The two leading Dutch online publishing platforms are joining forces. Both parties have a wealth of experience in digitizing publications. Their complementary expertise in Discovery Commerce and data bring a wealth of opportunities for customers, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

The years of experience of both Publitas and WePublish allow the companies to serve their clients even better in inspiring and converting millions of consumers.

Publitas' expertise in Discovery Commerce (inspiring consumers through product and brand discovery) can give WePublish's customers a boost. And Publitas' customers can benefit from the data-driven approach WePublish has adopted in recent years.
Publitas and WePublish / Folders.nl customers can now get even more value from their online publications (leaflets, brochures and magazines) and help consumers discover products and promotions even better.
By leveraging the Discovery Commerce channel even better, it is possible to make substantial savings on print and also contribute to sustainability goals in this way.

"We are tremendously excited about the opportunities," said Guillermo Sanchez, CEO of Publitas. "Together with WePublish / Folders.nl we are stronger and more agile in building and delivering strong data-driven solutions that create value for our current customers. This also provides the opportunity to further share our joint expertise built up in the Netherlands globally."

"WePublish sees the partnership with Publitas as an opportunity to also be able to execute all expertise and data-driven services on an international scale," said Nick Steggink, Commercial Director of WePublish.

Publitas and WePublish / Folders.nl will continue to operate independently under the Publitas and WePublish / Folders.nl brands. The focus on digitizing retail advertising brochures and making them profitable remains unchanged.

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