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WePublish & The Advertising Factory launch the Great Leaflet Survey 2022

After 3 years without NOM research, WePublish has revived The National Folder Research 2022 in cooperation with De Reclamefabriek and some customers. The past three years have been very turbulent and have had a visible impact on the leaflet market in the Netherlands. This picture is also clearly reflected in the results.

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The surge in the reach of the digital leaflet

During this and previous surveys, GfK Netherlands analyzed how many Dutch people read a paper or digital leaflet at least once a couple of years. We already saw a slight increase in digital leaflets through 2018. After 2018, the results show that this trend has accelerated, partly due to the corona pandemic and increased paper prices. The reach of the paper leaflet (9.6 million) and the digital leaflet (9.3 million) became almost the same. 59% of Dutch leaflet readers say they read both variants.

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Two channels, two audiences

Clear demographic differences can be seen between paper leaflet readers and digital leaflet readers. For example, 67% of the paper leaflet readers are 50 years old or older. While the digital leaflet readers are predominantly (54%) under the age of 50. The majority of leaflet readers indicate that they read both print and digital leaflets. Where the paper leaflet is mainly used for entertainment and the digital leaflet is used more functionally, namely for finding deals.

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Investment in digital leaflets

The Folders.nl platform collects all folders in the Netherlands. WePublish also provides insight into trends in digital leaflets. The last two years it is clear to see that Retailers are investing more in digital leaflets. For example, in 2022 more folders were published per retailer and these folders are also longer than in 2021 (+8.5%) and 2020 (+19%). This is appreciated by digital leaflet readers, as an average of 19% more pages are read and the average CTR per leaflet is higher than any previous year.

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