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Spotta.co.uk becomes Folders.co.uk

Spotta.co.uk becomes Folders.co.uk

Spotta's folder website and app will continue as Folders.nl from February 12. This is the first noticeable change in Spotta's new strategic partnership with digital service provider WePublish. Both parties are joining forces, responding to the trend that consumers are increasingly using online leaflets to decide which (online) store to buy their products from.

Recent research by Q&A Insights & Consultancy shows that the online brochure is gaining in popularity. This is mainly because digital folders are always and earlier available. Dutch people still often read the brochure before going to the store. For 41% of those surveyed, the online flyer encourages them to make a purchase in a physical store.

Data on buying behavior

To increase store visits and online conversion, retailers partner with WePublish on both the platform and their own websites.

Ease of use central

The ease of use for consumers remains: they will still find offers and brochures from their favorite stores. WePublish: "We make it as easy as possible for visitors to the platform to never miss an interesting offer. They can quickly search "diapers," "beer" or "garden hose" for the best weekly deals. Consumers easily create a shopping list and instantly see how many products are "on sale. Of course, they can still select favorite categories and stores for a list of all the bargains."

Downloading the Folders.co.uk app can be done in the App Store or Google Play Store. Or go to Flyers.co.uk.

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