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Increase online conversions with a shopping cart

Increase online conversions with a shopping cart

Horesca is a national hospitality wholesaler. They supply food products to hospitality businesses such as fast food restaurants. Horesca also offers customers the opportunity to use offers. The digital folder is the channel to not only display these offers,but also to order.

A shopping basket to make ordering easier.

Especially a target audience that orders in large numbers, it is important to be able to place items in the shopping cart as quickly as possible.

Horesca's target audience orders products in larger quantities than a consumer audience. It is therefore extra important to be able to place offers directly into a shopping basket. It prevents customers from having to look up items again after the folder to order. This step has been removed by the implementation of the shopping cart module.

The shopping cart module reads information from Horesca's product feed. By linking the items in the folder to these products, the correct products can be added to the shopping basket directly from the folder. When a customer clicks on order he continues the ordering process with the selected products on Horesca's website.

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