Karwei makes advertising brochures yield better returns

For several years Karwei has been working on the best version of their digital advertising brochure. Karwei's positioning combines sharp promotions with ambiance, decision aids and inspiration. To be more relevant to their customers, Karwei already added dynamic pages with individual products. This allowed Karwei to quickly respond to weather conditions or market developments. After WePublish's Dynamic Grid module could also show atmosphere, group discounts and other content, it was time for Karwei to take the next step.

Blokker maximizes reach, minimizes costs

The print advertising flyer is under more and more pressure due to high costs. In contrast, the digital advertising flyer can generate reach every week and can be used efficiently and flexibly. Blokker recently digitized and automatically distributed the digital advertising flyer every week. By releasing a digital advertising flyer every week, Blokker maximizes digital reach. The process is automated and cost-efficient. In short; Blokker maximizes the return of the digital advertising flyer.

Increase online conversions with a shopping cart

Horesca's target audience orders products in larger quantities than a consumer audience. It is therefore extra important to be able to place offers directly into a shopping basket. It prevents customers from having to look up items again after the folder to order. This step has been removed by the implementation of the shopping cart module.

Save time and money when prices change

Many publications that have a longer run have to deal with changing prices. Quite a chore to recreate these every time prices change. For the 2020 Praxis Garden Guide, dynamic prices have therefore been incorporated into the digital publication.

GAMMA: A profitable online grid

Formatting a flyer takes time and money. It is easy to place the leaflet, formatted for physical distribution, online as well. However, evidence is piling up that this costs the retailer money. For GAMMA, there were several reasons to create a grid specifically for the online leaflet.

Profile: Generate more traffic to branches with location-based content

Profile tires and maintenance is an all-round car service company. The headquarters is working to increase the number of appointments at the branches. With 154 branches, there is always a garage nearby. Online you can make an appointment at Profile, then it is very relevant as a visitor being to know where a garage is nearby.