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Increase your webshop traffic

Increase your webshop traffic with these 5 online folder optimization tips

Reaching many people with your online flyer is very nice because you can influence many shoppers to choose to visit your store. But the online flyer can also improve traffic and conversion in your shop. Online flyers normally have a very high click rate compared to other marketing channels. The following 5 tips are relevant for the online flyer because they increase traffic to the shop.

CTA buttons

Inspiring button
Product based buttons

From the standpoint of the physical brochure, a call-to-action button makes no sense. But online, this makes sense. Highlighting certain offers with a CTA button creates additional attention to those offers and increases the CTR of that offer. Think carefully when selecting the offers to which a CTA should be added. You will generate more traffic and conversion if you add the CTA button to the right offers.

Product pop-up & shopping cart

Some products have many variants in colors or specifications. Visualizing all kinds of variants in the physical flyer takes up a lot of space. Instead, you can add product information to your online flyer. A pop-up with products displays all the information you want to know about an offer. This pop-up appears over the online flyer. You can also add items to your shopping cart from within the online flyer. This allows you to speed up the shopping process if customers find an offer interesting.

Product Information
In-folder shopping cart

Animations & rich content

Video content as an attention grabber

Creating more attention for your hero offers (or high-margin offers) can be achieved with animations. Using animated gif or video content ensures that it grabs the attention of brochure readers.
It can also be functional to show different variations of a product in one animation. For example, in this type of animation, you can show a product with different colors.

Additional online back cover

Online version of the back cover

The back end of the physical publication is almost as important as the front end. With an online publication, this is a different story. Generally still 50% of the brochure readers visit the last page of the online publication. In an online publication, you still have room for additional content. For example, add locations on the last page so readers know where to go to make a purchase or create an inspiring back cover. Make sure it does not become a dead end for the readers and generate more traffic to your webshop.

Move top offerings from back to front

Give offers a better place to stand out

In many cases, the best deals are found on the last pages of a physical brochure. This means that these offers online are not always seen by readers. If you want your hero offers to be seen by as many people as possible, you can choose to create an extra page at the beginning of your online flyer to display these offers. This will help you generate more online traffic.

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