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Personalize your online flyer

5 ways to personalize your online flyer

You have done your best to select the offers in your online flyer. In the end, each reader must choose the offers that best suit his or her situation. To prevent your customers from missing an offer they would like, you can tailor your offers to your customers' needs. With your online flyer, you are able to build shopper profiles that map the behavior of your visitors. With this, you develop your own algorithm that allows you to highlight offers specific to each individual user. But how does it work?


An overlay and the actual folder do not interact

If you don't want to make all the changes in the PDF itself, you can choose an overlay. A pop-up can appear over the online folder to explain some offers. Targeting can be done on different parameters. An overlay can be designed in your brand colors, and you can select offers manually or load them from a product feed.

Integrated offers

Normal cover
Dynamic content integrated into the cover

Integrated offers give your customers a seamless experience. Without noticing any interference from a pop-up, shoppers read the flyer like it was no other. With integrated offers, each reader gets to see an offer targeted to his or her interests. This means that attention is still focused on the offers in your publication but with the ability to customize offers to each reader.

Additional pages

An additional page spread that shows only recommended listings

Offers can also be personalized by adding blank pages to the online flyer. On these pages, you can select offers you want to personalize. Creating a heading "featured offers for you" makes the reader's experience even more personalized. Choosing a number of offers to display on the page is the first step. After that, you can select your own offers or add a product feed to target offers for specific customers. The algorithm ultimately determines which products are shown to the reader.

Use ruling

Sunshine-based content
Rain based content

Personalizing your listings is fun, but that also means doing some work. Algorithms can improve performance, but this is not always the best way. If you have a specific product category that is strongly related to certain weather conditions, you can set up offers that are highlighted when those weather conditions occur. Or if your products are more suited to people in a certain city or region, you can set up rules to target people in those areas.

Let the algorithm do the hard work

An additional page spread that shows only recommended listings

Algorithms help convert with the right content on
The right time for the right shopper

Having your shopper profiles in order means you've collected their interests over time. You can even connect other channels for a more complete shopper profile. The more you know, the more an algorithm has to play with it. Select offers in a product feed or manually and let the algorithm decide.

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