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The Sinterklaas rush on Folders.com

A doubling of St. Nicholas books by 2020

Last year 2x as many toy flyers were uploaded on Folders.co.uk. Whereas last year there were 11 toy leaflets online on the platform, this year no less than 22 toy books went live. Overall, Folders.nl also saw a sharp increase in the number of leaflets uploaded on the platform in November. Compared to November 2019, this was an increase of 144% in online flyers on the platform!

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Rather looking for St. Nicholas gifts

Consumers also started orienting for St. Nicholas gifts almost a month earlier this year. In 2019, searches began on Oct. 15. Last year, this was over 3 weeks earlier on Sept. 27!

However, most toy books this year only went live between Oct. 14 & 26.

So many of the retailers were a month late in distributing their toy flyers, the first versions of which were only published this year between weeks 42 - 44. 

Sunday, November 15 was the highest spike in Sinterklaas flyers viewed on the platform. Also, throughout the Sinterklaas period, more than 54% clicked on toy in the leaflets than average.

Average reading time

The average reading time of the toy books was between 2 & 9 minutes. With the books going towards 8 minutes, we also see that the CTR and engagement is much higher.

‍Most wanted toys

Last year there were 2 extreme outliers

  • LEGO - +163% increase in searches
  • Playstation - + 295% increase in searches

The top 5 best toy books based on brochure reviews

Top 5 best toy books obv folder reviews

The top 5 best toy books based on CTR

Top 5 best toy books obv CTR

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