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An automated digital flyer, how do I get started?

Formatting a digital flyer takes time, money and energy. Both when a new digital leaflet has to be created and when adjustments are made to the print version. More and more retailers are opting for a Dynamic Grid folder that can be published online every week without DTP work. Read more about the return on investment of a fully dynamic brochure.

Clients like Action, Bol.com and Zooplus generate digital folders that are always available to readers without having to recreate these characters. Here's how to get started with this too in 3 steps.

1. One-time setup

Dynamic Grid pages

The first step is perhaps the most important. In it, the foundation is laid for continuously publishing leaflets. First, the product feed is checked for the information it contains. This information is linked to templates. Based on our advice, a different number of inside page templates are created. For example 1-product, 3-products and 5-products pages. These can be in a generic or campaign style. In addition, there should be a cover and back cover filled from the feed. The combination of feed and templates creates an initial version of a Dynamic Grid folder.

2. Process

Action Dynamic Grid folder

Upon going live of the first Dynamic Grid folder starts the new process. The number of pages (and thus categories) is determined in the first version. Each week there can be coordination on the order of categories and whether any should be added or changed to keep the offering relevant. Also read more about our data services. This way a new folder is not created every time, but the Dynamic Grid folder can be expanded in number of pages and categories or make sure assortment is relevant and up-to-date.

3. Improve

WePublish Insights

Also, the Dynamic Grid folder Is analyzed based on data. Learn weekly or biweekly from the behavior of readers in the folder. Thus, the data determines how many products on a page is ideal or how many pages the Dynamic Grid folder should have at all. If you are still very much in doubt about what works better, then A/B test the variants against each other to be conclusive. 

For an even more complete picture, WePublish can provide insights into promo shares relative to competitors. With the Promo Insights module, you will know how much promo pressure you are exerting against competitors for each category.

Want to learn more about how cost-effective a Dynamic Grid can be for your organization? Then get in touch or read about it in this blog.

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