Publitas joins hands with WePublish /


The two leading Dutch online publishing platforms are joining forces. Both parties have a wealth of experience in digitizing publications. Their complementary expertise in Discovery Commerce and data bring a wealth of opportunities for customers, both in the Netherlands and internationally. 

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Increase online conversions with a shopping cart

Horesca's target audience orders products in larger quantities than a consumer audience. It is therefore extra important to be able to place offers directly into a shopping basket. It prevents customers from revisiting the folder after

Save time and money when prices change

Many publications that have a longer run have to deal with changing prices. Quite a job to recreate these every time prices change. For the 2020 Praxis Garden Guide, we are

Insights for your offline folder

Although the reading experience of the online version of the brochure is different from the offline version, it does not necessarily mean that the insights of the online version say nothing about the offline version

Increase your webshop traffic

Reaching many people with your online flyer is very nice because you can influence many shoppers to choose to visit your store. But the online flyer can also increase traffic and conversion becomes

Spotta's folder website and app will continue as from February 12. This is the first noticeable change in Spotta's new strategic partnership with digital service provider WePublish. Both parties join forces