Karwei makes advertising brochures yield better returns


For several years Karwei has been working on the best version of their digital advertising brochure. Karwei's positioning combines sharp promotions with ambiance, decision aids and inspiration. To be more relevant to their customers, Karwei already added dynamic pages with individual products. This allowed Karwei to quickly respond to weather conditions or market developments. After WePublish's Dynamic Grid module could also show atmosphere, group discounts and other content, it was time for Karwei to take the next step.

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Profile tires and maintenance is an all-round car service company. The headquarters is working to increase the number of appointments at the branches. With 154 branches, there is always a garage nearby. Online you can make an appointment at Profile, then it is very relevant as a visitor being to know where a garage is nearby.

Greater efficiency with a Dynamic Grid

The online directory has always been a copy of the print directory. Pretty crazy really. A missed opportunity online. With a shrinking print circulation, the digital version can actually play a bigger role

Blokker maximizes reach, minimizes costs

The print advertising flyer is under more and more pressure due to high costs. The digital advertising brochure, on the other hand, can generate reach every week and can be deployed efficiently and flexibly. Blokker has recently been digitizing and distributing

GFK & launch updated Foldermonitor and GfK are launching the updated Folder Monitor. By combining the consumer panels of GfK and we generate new and unique insights. Understand offline and online reading behaviour per consumer group, relate the reading behaviour of

More sales and reach with the Dynamic Grid

Generate online flyers faster . To be visible more and more often with your online folders, WePublish is launching the Dynamic Grid module. Build folder pages from a product feed and make folders more relevant than